Poem for April 11th

(Extra)ordinary Time

running behind
the spirits of
the raucous morning
echoing in the minivan
as I take the youngest
to daycare

deep breath glances
at the clock
as I know
that time won’t bend
surely I’ll be late again

we pull up
and as I unbuckle her
my youngest grabs my hand
in jubilant triumph
she points over my shoulder
proudly proclaiming
“The night-night Moon! In the day!”
her laughter brushing concern
off my shoulders
I lift her
25 pounds of levity
and swim for a moment
in the youthful pools
of her wonderstruck eyes

I set her down
and my three-year-old
self proclaimed
future astronaut
shouts with glee
as she runs boldly
through a puddle
and leaps
toward the moon and stars unseen
her footprints leave
a mark on the sidewalk
and her actions
leave a mark on my heart
this minute will last
far longer
than the lost five
at my desk