Poem for April 14th

the do/be brothers

sitting at the morning table
starting another to do list
task begets task
until my list reflects
a litany of urgency

my pen now shackled to the paper
planting this growing stack
of precariously pertinent petitions
continuously sprawling
destined to be misplaced
just to grow from scratch again

my vision blurs
in this dizzying state of not done yet
and I set the pen down

then I hear it
the sunrise serenade-
a chorus of birdsong
in the front tree
the percussive sweep of tiny footsteps
coming down the hallway
the quiet dance of the daffodils
dressing for a new day

in a rush of sudden focus
I turn over
the to do list
and start
the to be list

I will be present
I will be the friend
I want to have
I will be the father
who is a shoulder, a hand, a heart
I will be an inspiration
to someone