Poem for April 9th

stay connected

you’re evited

and push notified

that you’re already late

to the daily dance

of physdigital coexistence


try to find your groove

in the elusive algorithm

of the iWorld’s

synthesized heartbeat

negotiate the traffic

of constant pulsing messages


the highlights

of what you’ve done

or maybe just watched

in a feed-

is it that different anyway?

each moment finds us

syncing deeper

searching for bearings

lost in the cloud


in this flood

of metadata

it is tempting

to mass text

that you’ve sold

your hope

on ebay

but there are islands-

moments when we meet

eye to eye

and sit down

over cups of comfort

or venture down a

wooded trail

                     city street

                                       park bench

to map out this wide world

with our eyePads

and stay