Poem for April 21st

lost in translation

daybreak brushstrokes

color this morning

in shades of possibility

a part of time

apart from time


this magic hour touches me

a message from the Maker

one of seven billion

thrown daily from golden shores

to sail through

the photonic ocean

and land in our hearts

ready to unfold

written in the first language-

Artistic Creation


we take these messages

we paint them

sing them

build them

snap them

write them

dance them

translating each word

as our own

tiny bridges

to eternity

Poem for April 19th

world turning

you know your kids
are growing up
too quickly
when your groggy 6am footsteps
lead you
to discover your nine year old
has been up for an hour
on his own accord
researching semisynthetic materials
for a school thesis paper
I mean project

and you know the world’s
turning too quickly
when you have to look up
semisynthetic materials
while he heads to the kitchen table
so you can possibly
help him
with his school thesis paper
I mean project

Poem for April 18th

Why should I mind?

the enormity
of the mystery
of human memory
often escapes me
until moments like now
when I am looking
for the cup of tea
that I forgot
I haven't made yet
and suddenly remember
the name of the student
who played the role
of Puck
in a production of Midsummer
I watched once
at our high school
over twenty
years ago
it’s these crystal shards
of recall
that help me see-
there is no method
to our madness
so I jot down her name
and go back
to looking
for the cup of tea